Review Policy

If you would like for me to blog your items please send me a notecard in world.  Halo1974 resident.
You may also shoot me a message but most all times I get capped. So notecards are better.

◘ I always post links to stores or events as long as you provide the information about the event , fair, or sale your item is listed at.

◘I may or may not always do a big write up, but I make sure the pictures are high quality and never touched .  Only by resizing the images is the only thing I do to them.  What you see is what you get.

◘I may not post about everything that I receive.  It isn't that I dont like the items, but I honestly do not have time to post about every single thing.

◘ If you have questions or comments about me or blog , please contact me.

◘ Please don't send me a blogger invitation then turn around and tell me that my stuff is crap.  That will earn you rights to be cussed.  Just a warning ahead of time.  I do this for the designers, to help get them noticed and make more sales.  I do not do this for free things.  There is many things that I blog about that I bought.  So yeah, lets not go there ok.

That would be it for now.
Thank you